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Makeup/Hair/Wardrobe for TV & Film


Ballantynes- Our Edit Shoot

International Rescue- VTNZ Shoot

Snorkel Productions- Jody Direen Music Video

Ruffell Productions- The Woolston Complex

Little Sister Pictures- Top10 Holiday Park Photoshoot

Q Brand- Award Appliances Video Shoot 

Sir JMC- Sir John Monash Centre WWI Recreations

BeautyBook- Loreal Display

Ara- Brand Clothing Shoot  

Lightworkx Studios- UC Photoshoot Campaign

Snorkel Productions- UC Film Campaign

Sebastian Beyrer- Nomad Music Video

Emma Smart- Selwyn House Photos

NZARH Seminar- Kylie Hayes/Liana King

Free Theatre- The Black Rider Makeup Design


Sawtooth Studios- Skelter Music Video

Snorkel Creative- Kayla Mahon Music Video

Mediaworks- The Breeze FM Shoot

Snorkel Creative- Cam Luxton Music Video

Ara- Ara CE Photoshoot

Whitebait- 'MyTax' TVCs

NZARH Canterbury/Westland Comps- Makeup Judge

Stolen Lights Ltd- The Stolen Feature Film

NZARH Seminar- Mana Dave

M3 Creative- OPES Partners Shoot

QBrand- Fendalton Eye Clinic Shoot

NZARH Wellington Comps- Makeup Judge

Snorkel Creative- Rangiruru video

BeautyBook- Maybelline Display

Kathmandu- Styling for Easter Catalogue

AA Directions- Easter cover shoot

Trade Aid- Styling for Personal Accessories Shoot

Little Sister Films- Westland shoot

NZARH Seminar- Warren Dion Smith

Pacey Productions- MTF TVC

Snorkel Film & Video- Black Fox Trio Music Video


Ninth Floor Productions- Lumens  TV series(Pilot) 

Weld Productions- 800 Words TV series

Spooce- Madeira promo shoot

Little Sister Productions- Hells Pizza Fire Dragon Campaign TVC

Julian Vares- Doprah Music Video

Ruffell Productions- Tami Neilson 'Lonely' Music Video

Whitebait- MyTax TVC

Little Sister Films- CCU Content 

Overactive Imagination- Human Traces Feature Film


Ruffells- TVC campaign 2014-2015

Crusaders Super Rugby TVC

Mediaworks TV- Cadbury Dream Factory

Little Sister Productions- Flipgrater 'the Smell of Strangers' Music Video

Whitebait- Hornby School promo

NZ Network- The Man who bought the Olympics to Japan Dramaseries

Little Sister Productions- Hells Pizza promo webshoot

Ruffells- Lincoln University webshoot

Flying Fish- Richie McCaw for Fonterra inhouse shoot

Overactive Imagination- Maria Takes a Bow Webisode Series

Aroha Productions- Sunset Song Feature Film

NZBS- Slideshow TV show

NZBS- MetroNews

Span Productions- Toyota inhouse shoot

Mediaworks Radio- Si & Gary TVC


Shuriken- Rare shot Blue 'Jazz Bananas' Music Video

Whitebait- Erin Simpson Show

Whitebait- Gondola Promo Video

Ruffells- Tiny Lies 'Bag of Bones' Music Video


Ruffell Productions- Jed & Hera 'Issues' Music Video 

3 foot 7- The Hobbit Feature Film 

CPIT NZBS Metro News

NZBS - Bloodstone Shortfilm

Number 8 Pictures- 'The Awakening' NZFC funded shortfilm 

Ruffell Productions- Hunter Furniture TVC             

Natalie Glubb- Ed Muzik & the Burning Sensations Music Video


Little Sister Films- Katie Thompson 'Impossible' Music Video  

Ruffell Productions- Hunter Furniture TVC 

Shuriken- Hellers TVC

Shuriken- CPIT TVC

CPIT NZBS Metro News

Robbers Dog- Toyota 'Unbreakable' TVC

Ruffell Productions- Hunter Furniture TVC

Automatic Films- 'Running Stitch' NZFC funded Short film

Cutting Edge Productions- 'Toyota' Training Video 

Shuriken Productions- Feelers 'Didn't Want to Fall in Love' Music Video

Ruffell Productions- Hunter Furniture 'Earthquake Sale' TVC
Ruffell Productions- The Palms TVC
Ruffell Productions- Kimberleys Clothing TVC
Spacegirl Productions-  Rutherford Documentary

Lincoln University- Prospectus Photoshoot

Ruffell Productions- 'Hunter Furniture BIG Sale' TVC

38 Pictures- Special FX Makeup Designer for 'I Survived a Zombie Holocaust' NZFC funded Feature Film


Christs College/St Margarets- Makeup mentor for 'The Sleeper' shortfilm

Ruffell Productions- 'Hunter Furniture Birthday' TVC and stills

Shuriken Productions- The Valves 'Sirens' Music Video

Shuriken Productions- 'Mandy Pickering' Music Video 

Little Sister Films- 'Julia Deans' Music Video

NZBS-'Singe' Music Video

NZBS- 'Temperance' shortfilm

NZBS- 'Quarter Inch Plan' Tv show

NZBS- 'Cheers' short film

Ruffell Productions- 'BabyFirst' Web Campaign

NZBS- Metro News

Ruffell Productions- 'Hunter Furniture' TVC and stills

Little Sister Films- 'Cairo Knife Fight' Music Video                            

Flying Start Productions- Intel online

Shuriken Productions- Hellers TVC

GridCity- 'Deliver Me to Hell' campaign (Head Special FX stylist)

Span Productions- 'Supermedium' Shortfilm

GridCity Productions- 'Triple O' Corporate video

Shuriken- Couplands TVC (Styling)

NZBS-Metro News

Tim McInnes- 'Charlies fingers' shortfilm            

Ruffell Productions- Little India TVC

Ruffell Productions- 'Domani Furniture' TVC

GridCity Productions- Video Profile

Flying Fish- 'The Dukes' Music Video (Styling)

Ruffell Productions- CCC Public Service announcement

GridCity Productions- Video Profile

Ruffell Productions- 'Verkerks' TVC


Shuriken- 'Tainted' Music V ideo 

Ruffell Productions- 'Thai' TVC

Ruffell Productons-CCC Public Service announcement

Shuriken-'Rare Shot Blue' Music Video

Amy Hadfield- 'EnergyStar' TVC

Damien Luke- 'Pikatunes' Music Video

Film Constuction- 'Mac bank' TVC

Shuriken- 'Casino' TVC              

Natalie Glubb- 'The Unicorn' Shortfilm


Film Construction- 'Samsung- Pianist/Seeing Eye Dog' TVC

Shuriken Productions- 'Beneath the Silence' Music Video

TV3- Weather special

NZBS-'Ruby' Shortfilm

NZBS-'Dreamscape' Shortfilm

NZBS-'Homeless' Shortfilm

NZBS-'Metro News'

Shuriken Productions- 'Tainted' Music Video

DanNan Productions- 'Dictaphone Blues' Music Video

Flickerhouse-'Denver Street' Music Video

Token Productions-'The Exchange' Music Video

Nan Productions-'Red Lantern' Documentary

The Tableplays-'In the Garden Shed'

NZBS- 'Metro News'

Shuriken Productions- Elston Gun 'White Noise' Music Video

Shuriken Productions- 'Donaghys' TVC


Shuriken Productions- 'Versatile' Men of NZ TVC

Shuriken Productions- 'GirlGuides' TVC

Shuriken Productions- 'No Flies Safe' TVC

Shuriken Productions- 'Valves' Music Video

Shuriken Productions- 'New World' Travel Posters TVC

Shuriken Productions- 'NZI' FAQ Web Video

Shuriken Productions- 'Electric Confectionaires' Music Video

TVNZ- 'Breakfast' Roadshow

Shuriken Productions- 'Dan Carter' Dome Projection

Shuriken Productions- 'Harcourts' L&R TVC

Shuriken Productions- 'Harcourts' Training Video

Shuriken Productions- 'New World' Birthday TVC


Shuriken Productions- 'Harcourts' A New View TVC

Shuriken Productions- 'Hellers' TVC

Flying Fish Productions- 'Metrocard' TVC

Shuriken Productions- 'New World Summer' TVC

Shuriken Productions- 'Starlett' music video

Shuriken Productions- 'Lifestyle Security' TVC

Hannah Davis- 'Minuet' music video

Shuriken Productions- 'The Valves' music video

Contracted TVNZ makeup artist for Christchurch from '05-'13


Makeup for Fashion/Photographic work

Woman's Day editorials ( Makeup, Hair & Styling) 2008-2017

Emma Brittenden 100 Portait Project 2016

Jenna Young Photoshoots 2017

Angela Eastwood Photoshoots 2017

The Portrait Studio Photoshoots 2016-17

Kate Christie Photoshoots 2016-17

Mediaworks Radio campaign shoots 2014-2016

Katrina Easton Photoshoot 2014

CCC- City Council Safety Campaign 2014

Felix Culpa Hair Photoshoots 2012-2014

Nikki Ross Jewellery Photoshoot 2013

Next magazine editorial shoots 2010-2014

Elan Klein (U.S) Wedding Preshoot 2014

Hayley Harding Campaign shoot 2014

Swanndri Photoshoot 2013

2Kaha Promo Photoshoot 2014

Vargo Clothing Photoshoot 2014

Zavarucci Clothing Photoshoot 2014

JohnLim (Singapore) Prewedding Photography 2014

Luccabella Clothing Photoshoot 2013-2014

LMC Models Portfolio shoots 2014

Australian Woman's Weekly 2014

Penny Nichols Private Sitting Photoshoots

Kate Christie Photography Before & After Photoshoots

Felix Culpa Fashion Show 2012

University of Canterbury Prospectus shoot 2009-2011

Genius Clothing Photshoot 2010

Lincoln University Prospectus Shoot 2011-2012

Wild South Campaign 2010

Women's Weekly Editorials 2014-2015

Miss Teen Canterbury- Pageant 2011

Sony stills- International Camera catalogue shoot

Dean Mackenzie- University of Canterbury shoot

Kerry Bulmer - Fashion Show

Megan Woodhouse - Fashion Show 

Robin Webb - Fashion Show

Holly Leighton - Fashion Show

Garnier Fructis Friday Promotion - Hair stylist

Notion Clothing - Editorial for Metropol and website shoot

Dean McKenzie -'New World' stills campaign

Bridgit Anderson - 'Metro' stills campaign

Mods - Fashion Show 

Carl Watkins - Miss University Beauty Pageant

- Hairdressing competitions

Ngara Niha - Hairdressing competitions

Sharon Ng - Paris Fashionweek Lookbooks

Jane Diamond - Fashion Show

Emma Cheape - Fashion Show

Nicole Van Notten - Fashion Show

Chalkydigits - NZ Fashionweek Lookbook 2003

Christchurch Polytechnic - Debut/Pitch Fashion shows '03-'10

WOW Arts awards - Nelson 2003

Westpac Bank Conference 2010

NZ Merino - National Conference 2003

Plus  various makeups for weddings, formals, hairdressing competitions, events etc..

Awards  &  Accolades

 2014 Rialto NZ Film Awards- Makeup Design in a New Zealand Feature Film- I Survived a Zombie Holocaust  (nominee)

2013 Rialto NZ Film Awards- Best Short Film- Here Be Monsters (winner) 

Art  Department

Q Brand 'Award Appliances' Shoot- Art Director

Pacey Productions 'MTF' TVCs- Art Director

Snorkel Productions 'RangiRuru' Viral Web videos- Scenic Painter

Little Sister Productions 'Top 10 Holidays' Shoot- Art Director

Tami Neilson 'Dynamite' Music video -Set Dresser assistant

Kaitangata Twitch Productions Ltd- Set Dresser assistant

Icebreaker- Shaun the sheep construction for Icebreaker promotion    

Automatic- Kellogg's Oat & Honey TVC Art Director's assistant

Production work

Makeup Designer- The Free Theatre 'The Black Rider'

Makeup Designer- The Court Theatre 'LadyKillers'

Makeup & Hair HOD- ICC Cricket World Cup Opening 2015

Makeup Designer for the Clinic's show 'Hold Onto Your Horses'

Makeup Artistry NZ- Makeup/Hair Collaborator/Facilitator for up to 6 designers at Pitch Fashion Show ''06-'11

Canaan Downs Festival '08-'09- Whanau Crew Coordinator/Zone Manager

Canaan Downs Festival '07-'08 - Zone manager

 Adrift Films - Kirin Green beer TVC Production crew

NZBS Makeup/Hair Tutor 2006-2014

Christ College/St Margarets Shortfilm Project Tutor for Makeup & Hair 2013-2014 

Big Pictures / New Life Films - Ford S Max TVC Production crew

Christchurch Music Society Soulstice/Equinox dance party organiser

  Infusion National Tour Organiser


I travel with a fully mobile makeup and hair styling kit, table, chair and mirror...

For work within the Art department, I also come with a fully equipped dressing and standby kit.

Vehicle Hireage

I have a 7 seater Honda Odyssey available for hire as a crew vehicle/agency car.

and a 1 tonne Toyota Hi-Ace, with a long wheel base available for production/art department.